Integrate your body, breath, voice and imagination

A holistic approach to voice involves every aspect of the tangible self, as well as a range of intangibles. Practical exploration of all these elements is a deep process. It is fulfilling, transformative and leads to creative, intellectual, and spiritual growth.

Meet Mallika!

Mallika's journey through performance spans three decades. She is an award winning actor and director. As an Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework® and the founder of Vāchikā Voicework she offers insights gleaned through years of experience - of being on stage, in front of the camera and from a deep curiosity for the human voice. She is the Regional Director - South Asia at the Fitzmaurice Insitute (USA). Mallika has worked within conservatory settings training young actors working on their craft. In other instances she has enabled professional artists on their creative journeys, and has empowered them with the ability to refine their skills and deepen their practice. If you are curious about voice, want to energise your learning and soar onwards - begin your journey of discovery now!

Courses For Individuals

To communicate meaningfully, is to find a connection through empathy. Our voices have the potential to move each other, to transform the landscape of the body-mind. Much like the Earth. When she vibrates, topographies are transformed!

The human voice is a full body action!

"Your voice is your unique hotline into your intuitive self! This has the power to manifest change in your environment.

Whether you are an actor, singer, artist, business professional, leader, change maker, influencer or parent... Voice training will transform you."

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Upcoming... The Actor's Retreat, Kerala

Our Residential Retreat is back! Once again we are housed in the beautiful backwaters of Alappuzha District in Kerala at the 110 year old Pamba Heritage Villa.

Dates: 20th to 25th August 2024
Duration: 6 days


Courses For Businesses

To constructively engage complexity we need empathetic listening. Beyond mere signals, our voices enable collective sensemaking. When we connect with others, we are better equipped to make decisions, navigate change and deliver value.

Understanding how voice works is good for business!

A conservative estimate reveals that professionals spend between 8 to 10 hours every day in meetings. What does authenticity and presence mean for leadership? How do sustainable practices integrate individual resilience and well-being?

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Upcoming... Public Speaking and Digital Presence

Participants will learn to transform unresourceful states, like being nervous or anxious about public speaking, to their advantage. They will learn how to tap into their creative self through Presence Work, Stress Resillience and Nervous System Regulation.

Duration: 2 days 2 hours daily over the weekend.


Courses For Educators

To learn a skill we train to achieve a desired end state. To educate we must be prepared to transform! For that we must also unlearn, and so education is not so much an outcome, but a journey upon which we decide to embark.

Gu Ru - Darkness to Light

The syllable gu means darkness, the syllable ru, means the one who dispels it with light. To be an educator, you commit to being a lifelong learner.

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Upcoming... Vāchikā Certificate Course

This certificate course is meant for those who are seeking to deepen their practice of voicework and move it towards either therapy, healing or teaching.

Duration: 6 months


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Mallika & Catherine

"I am a huge fan of Mallika’s. Let me point out that her work spans private and academic teaching, and performance and writing, as well as lots of organization and innovation. She understands and teaches the work on a very deep level. I think, ...when it fits into the master calendar, she is ready to host and lead a certification in India."

Catherine Fitzmaurice
Voice/Speech Teacher, USA